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About Us & Our Founder

Who we are and why we do what we do?

When you are thinking about working with a new company or person, we think it’s important to understand who they are, what they are about and why they do what they do, before you make the decision if you want to start working together. Especially, as we offer a ‘white glove, bespoke service’ and can be your business’ marketing department. We are your partners.

To have a successful partnership there needs to be belief in what we will do for you and how we can generate more business for you.

It’s just one small step and an initial conversation with us so we can understand more about you and your business.

Aspects of Interest

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My qualifications and experience

My beliefs about the importance of Digital Marketing

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My Qualifications and Experience

I have over 12 years Digital Marketing Experience.

In 2012 I founded SEO Company Bristol where I focused purely on SEO strategies for each of my client’s. In 2018, SEO Company Bristol became BAMSH Digital Marketing, offering a full Digital Marketing strategy and service for clients incorporating search engine optimisation (SEO), Google Advertising, social media advertising, email marketing, website development, lead generation and nurturing and reputation management. We work with all size businesses, start-ups or established businesses who are looking to grow or expand their products or services.

Since 2015 myself and my team have:

  • Achieved over 5,000 Page 1 Google Rankings
  • Generated over 1,000,000 enquiries for client’s
  • Over 150 satisfied client’s

We create successful, tailored media campaigns for our clients to maximise their return on investment. We understand that it is vitally important to build strong working relationships with our clients, adapting our digital marketing strategies as and when we need to, generating strong and relevant leads for them.

Prior to founding SEO Company Bristol and Bamsh Digital Marketing, I worked for Yellow Pages as a Regional Sales Manager for 10 year and this is when I learnt my skills of commercial marketing. During my time at Yellow Pages, I combined a strong commercial vision alongside the coaching and development of my teams. As my time progressed at Yellow Pages the digital marketing world was fast evolving, and this is where I developed my core digital skills. I did a huge amount of self-learning and demonstrated my technical skills and abilities to the business. I was then asked to create and deliver a targeted SEO and digital training course for all of the Sales Teams. This means that I have an understanding of business issue, lead generation and marketing for a huge number of business types and industries. Also, I am able to explain digital marketing in a non-technical way so business owners are aware of what we are doing, why and what it should achieve.

I achieved my MBA (Master of Business Administration) in 2007.

Martyn Lenthall

Founder of Bamsh

The Management Team

Martyn Bamsh


CEO & Founder

Becci Bamsh



Gabi Bamsh


Social Media Manager

Sam Bamsh


Content Manager

Orion Bamsh


Video & Visuals Manager