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My Family

Let me introduce you to my gorgeous family…. My wife Becci and our youngest son Alfie. Alfie is 14 and loves his rugby with an absolute passion. He already has his sights set on being a mechanical electrical engineer and wants to travel the world whilst working.

Becci, Alfie Martyn of Bamsh KBB

This is Sam, our eldest son with his wife Jo, and our grandson Blake.

Sam, Jo and Blake

Here is Holly, my daughter with her husband Jacob, and our grandson Leighton.

Holly Jake Leighton

Last but not least, here is Breeze, our loving, clingy, high-maintenance queen of the house.


I feel extremely lucky and I’m proud of them all and what they are achieving, I’ve definitely won the lottery when it comes to my gorgeous family.

Allsorts proud to support