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Digital Marketing For KBB

We are a dynamic team of digital marketing experts, passionately dedicated to propelling Kitchen, Bathroom, and Bedroom suppliers to unparalleled success and to triumph in the online marketplace. Our unwavering mission is to increase your authority and online visibility, attract and nurture more customers and skyrocket your sales to new heights.


In the dynamic world of the KBB (Kitchen, Bedroom, and Bathroom) industry, our expertise in search engine optimisation (SEO) stands unparalleled. We are seasoned specialists in tailoring SEO strategies specifically for retailers, installers, and distributors within the KBB industry. By harnessing our deep understanding of the KBB market, we ensure your business not only ranks prominently in search engine results but also resonates with your target audience.

For retailers, this translates to increased foot traffic both online and in-store, enhancing brand visibility and sales.

Installers benefit from heightened local search presence, attracting more qualified leads and job opportunities.

Distributors gain a strategic edge through improved B2B connections and a broader network reach.

Our SEO mastery in the KBB sector is more than just ranking first; it’s about connecting you with the right audience, driving meaningful engagements, and accelerating business growth.

Lead Generation For KBB

In the KBB industry, our expertise in lead generation is unrivalled. We skillfully combine targeted digital marketing, SEO, and social media strategies to draw high-quality leads specifically for the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom sectors. Our focused approach ensures that your brand connects with the right audience, converting interest into actionable business opportunities and driving growth in this niche market.


In the KBB industry, we excel at CRM management and email marketing, specifically tailored to nurture customer relationships. Our strategy focuses on personalised, targeted email campaigns based on precise customer segmentation. This approach ensures meaningful engagement, strengthens loyalty, and drives repeat business, essential for growth and success in the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom sectors.

What We Do

We drive a consistent number of quality leads that get KBB showrooms and Installers busy and because they are quality leads  Рcustomers are ready to buy.

Who We Work With

We work with premium kitchen, bedroom & bathroom retailers, installers and distributors with a persistent shortfall in sales. Our expertise in elevating their business is unmatched, generating a consistent flow of opportunities for substantial growth and success.

How To Get Started

If the idea of collaborating with us sparks your interest, I warmly encourage you to schedule a discreet, 15-minute call. This initial chat will give us both the chance to determine if our partnership is the right fit. Should we both see potential, we’ll arrange a complimentary, more in-depth marketing session. This will allow you to gain firsthand insight into the systems and processes we utilise to help you reach your goals, all before making any commitment to a longer program.

Martyn Lenthall

CEO of Bamsh KBB

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