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My Story

My childhood is of two very different halves. My story begins in the hustle and bustle of the beautiful city of Bristol where I was born. When I was xxx years old, we moved to my grandad’s farm in Wales to help him out. The contrast of the two very different lifestyles was immense and I learnt so much from them, a lot of the experiences preparing me for my adult life, and career.

Digital Marketing

My story and experience have taught me that every successful business owner, however big will go through predictable challenges during their journey and to move forward successfully, critical digital strategies and systems can be implemented to support this and move forward from the challenges. Even if you are in a comfortable position with your business, a digital strategy will protect its success and often reduces the likelihood of future challenges.

Since my time at Yellow Pages and the formation of my digital businesses, I have been supporting clients to see the opportunities that they might not have seen before or were unaware of. Supporting them in making key digital decisions to help them grow or even maintain their market share if that’s what they want or need. Digital marketing will increase your business’s leads, revenue and profit if done using the right strategy for your business, industry, location and target market, and I can help you with this.

Why am I doing this?

It’s frustrating to see so many business owners struggling to grow their businesses!

I often find that when I first meet with a company everyone is busy doing things, mostly tactical initiatives without a clear strategic plan of where they’re going, how each activity relates, and what needs to be done in the short and long term for their business to succeed or exceed.

Once we have a clear vision of the opportunities and how to get them, we regularly review and amend your plan as and when we need to.

Business Growth and Development

The most powerful aspect of our work together is our focus on your business growth and development. My story has taught me that business problems arise for everyone at some point and you need to take action to change being stuck where you are and digital marketing and the services we offer can do this.

Outsourcing your digital marketing is the best thing you can do, you will get more for your money (revenue versus a salary) and experts who have worked with you to understand your business and execute a plan.

Let me help you get your business from where you are now to where you want to be, whatever your size or industry. Getting you to a place where you can live the lifestyle and have the financial and time freedom you want.

Are you interested in learning more about my story and how I help business owners achieve success faster? Here’s a link to book your 15-minute introductory call with me.

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